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Transforming therapeutic windows in Nephrology

Our drive

Identify therapeutics with an accelerated discovery-to-clinic process by focusing in drug re-development to pharmacologically compensate genetic deficiencies in rare renal diseases.

Medetia & C'IL-LICO

In 2019, Medetia integrates the RHU (« Recherche Hospitalo-Universitaire en santé » ) consortium C’IL-LICO, as industrial partner.

The C’IL-LICO project proposes a new approach for the management of a group of rare and serious genetic diseases, ciliopathies that cause the deterioration of renal function and lead to end-stage renal failure. The project is led by Prof. Stanislas Lyonnet, director of the Imagine Hospital-University Institute (Paris).

Our Ecosystem

By mid 2019, Medetia is expected to formalised its partnership with Imagine Imagine Institute.

Imagine is a research and innovative healthcare institute of a new type, bringing together researchers, doctors and patients, with a common goal: to cure genetic diseases.

Images courtesy of Imagine Institute.


Founders team
Former site director of Alexion R&D France with extensive expertise in drug development.
Jean-Philippe Annereau
CEO & Co-Founder
Accelerator of clinician-investigator partnerships, with strong pharma and biotech experience.
Luis Briseño Roa
CPO & Co-Founder

Reach Us

Institute Imagine 

24 Boulevard du Montparnasse – 75015 Paris France

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