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Supported since its creation in 2019 by Institut Imagine and Inserm Transfert, MEDETIA has been working for four years to identify and accelerate emerging therapeutic drug innovations.  

Imagine is a research and innovative healthcare institute of a new type, bringing together researchers, doctors and patients, with a common goal: to undersand, diagnose and cure genetic diseases.


In 2019, Medetia was supported by the Human Health Startup Factory consortium, and it was granted DeepTech labelling. 
In 2021,  Medetia has been selected for inclusion in the Challenges media’s “100 start-ups to invest in in 2021 in the Medtech and Biotech category; also it was one recipient of the i-Lab innovation competition.
In 2023, 
MEDETIA announces its partnership with Ipsen, an international biopharmaceutical group, within the framework of the innovative research program Hybridge, based on the prospection of medicine candidates for rare diseases. 


Ciliopathies are a large family of genetic diseases whose common feature is a dysfunction of the primary cilia – affecting kidney, retina and cartilage, but not only.

Medetia is – since 2019 – has been part of  the RHU (« Recherche Hospitalo-Universitaire en santé » ) consortium C’IL-LICO, as industrial partner. The C’IL-LICO project proposes a new approach for the management of a group of rare and serious genetic diseases, ciliopathies that cause the deterioration of renal function and lead to end-stage renal failure. (Image modified swissbiopics.org)


At Medetia, we have consolidated  a proprietary and customisable methodology to tackle complex drug discovery challenges, by combining cutting-edge technologies, proven pharmacological and medical solutions with an unique approach on Intellectual Property.

Featured partnership news

2023.06.01 – Signature of a durable partnership with IPSEN signed

 2022.05.30  Medetia consolidates its position at Imagine Institute with a master research agreement

 2022.01.20  Medetia signs master research agreement with Inserm Transfer

Featured publications news

2023.06.14  Article published in Pharmaceutiques.com  about Medetia

2023.06.05  New positive in vivo data for MDT-110 sustaining application in LCA10

2022.02.05 – Medetia published its initial POC in PNAS

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Lead the strategic orientation and gouvernance. 20y experience in Pharma Industry.
Jean-Philippe Annereau
CEO & Co-Founder
Accelerator of partnerships, with strong pharma and biotech experience.
Luis Briseño Roa
CTO & Co-Founder
.Institute Imagine
24 Boulevard du Montparnasse 
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